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The software factory
committed to
sustainable computing

40 years of software innovation
for the performance of ports and airports

Beyond our leading Port Community System solution, our work as a software creator focuses on data processing, blockchain, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, large-scale interconnection of Information Systems, and cybersecurity…

The software factory is committed to a CSR approach in line with its environmental awareness, is committed to carrying out its carbon footprint and is strengthening its software eco-design processes.

The entire SOGET ecosystem will be involved in the “Calculate, Reduce, Offset” process for its carbon footprint.

In the spotlight

S)ONE Port & Airport Community System

Port Community Systems are SOGET’s key focus. These digital platforms orchestrate, accelerate and secure the transit of goods, connecting the various public and private operators of global logistics together.

SOGET’s latest offering, S)ONE, is the world’s most advanced PCS.

Business Intelligence solutions

It is crucial for operators to know their performance and market share, to measure themselves against the competition and to identify their strong points and weaknesses.
SOGET’s Business Intelligence tools offer analysis and decision aid tools linked to S)ONE, supporting the strategic development of the actors of global commerce.

SOGET Port Operating System

SOGET POS is the management system used by port authorities. It was developed as an add-on for the S)ONE PCS.

This information system fosters more efficient management of ship calls, requests for associated services, transit of goods, including dangerous goods, areas under concession, waste, relations with the port’s customers and invoicing and recovery of port dues.

SOGET Truck Appointment System

SOGET TAS is an online appointment system for carriers and port or airport terminal operators available on mobile platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

It enables terminals to configure and offer their appointment slots based on their business hours and capacity in real time, while road carriers can make appointments to drop off or collect loads.

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Photo credits : Marcus Zymmer on Unsplash