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The National 
Single Window 
for Foreign Trade

What are e-Gov solutions?

To go further in facilitating global trade, SOGET offers a specific technical assistance module for governments to improve the performance of controls ahead of imports and exports. The module interconnects the PCS with several information systems of authorized administrations and digitizes the necessary documents and formalities for pre-customs clearance.

Adding the e-Gov module to the PCS provides states with a National Single Window for foreign trade which centralizes all the regulatory, customs and logistics components for import, export and goods transit operations within the national territory.

e-Gov in the Democratic Republic of Congo represents

digitized documents
government departments and NGOs
banks connected

What does it do?

The transcoding platform developed by SOGET can convert any electronic format to the necessary format and share data according to all existing computerized exchange protocols.

The e-Gov module can be fully configured to suit the needs of the foreign trade community and the tools already in place.

  • E-Gov automates useful data transfer between port community actors and official bodies by interconnecting with government and non-governmental organization information systems. Data is fed into the systems automatically: repeated data entry by operators is no longer required and data reliability is enhanced.
  • E-Gov digitizes the various permits, licenses and certificates necessary for goods import and export, such as import licenses, certificates of origin and e-permits.
  • E-Gov interconnects with the country’s customs information systems, such as ASYCUDA, to speed up the sending of customs documents and facilitate pre-customs clearance and customs, veterinary, phytosanitary and specific goods controls.
  • E-Gov interconnects the PCS with banks’ information systems to enhance payment reliability and speed up goods clearance.

Photo credits: Nick Fewings on Unsplash