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Optimize your carriers’ logistics and port routes

As a software company specialized in facilitating international trade, SOGET offers value-added solutions designed for carriers and logisticians.

From smartphone-based cargo tracking applications available for road transporters to a Truck Appointment System (TAS) for container terminals, SOGET contributes to the fluidity and security of access to logistics, port and airport areas.

S)ONE Tracks, the status of goods in real time

S)ONE Tracks is a web application that provides real-time information on the status of containerized or conventional goods, both for import and export.

S)ONE Tracks replaces Tracking Solution SOGET for stakeholders not connected to S)ONE.

In addition to the tracking of goods by container, S)ONE Tracks now allows for a more detailed tracking of goods by batch or conventional lot.

Data accuracy is optimal since S)ONE Tracks is directly fed with logistic and customs data from the S)ONE Port Community System.

Tracking Solution SOGET in 2021, already means

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0  million
container transport companies connected
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0  million

The advantages of S)ONE Tracks

Optimized organization of deliveries and pick-ups of goods

S)ONE Tracks saves carriers unnecessary travel and waiting time at terminals, and relieves congestion at the port

Acceleration of the circulation of information between actors

S)Tracks reduces queries to forwarding agents.

An efficient service for carriers and their principals as well as for any actor interested in following the stages of the journey of a container or a batch of goods.

Application directly connected to the source of information

S)ONE Tracks draws 100% of its data directly from the S)ONE PCS for the most accurate information.


Save time in the port zone
thanks to the SOGET Truck Appointment System

SOGET TAS is an online appointment system for carriers and port or airport terminal operators.

It enables terminals to configure and offer their appointment slots based on their business hours and capacity in real time, while road carriers can make appointments to drop off or collect loads.

SOGET TAS is a universal, community solution available on mobile platforms, including smartphones and tablets. It is based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology.

It contributes to the safety of the logistics zone’s entrance and exit points, in compliance with the ISPS Code:

  • SOGET TAS interfaces with terminals’ internal systems and port security services, generating truck or driver identification codes as well as codes by load for entry to or exit from the port zone.
  • SOGET TAS only offers appointments when the required conditions are met in S)ONE: customs clearance, arrival of ship, transit authorization, etc.

SOGET TAS in Jamaica represents

road carriers
monthly appointments
transit time saving
0 %
saving per
0 mn

SOGET TAS: planning and rationalizing work

SOGET TAS is the perfect tool to rationalize the work of carriers and improve working conditions for all those present in terminals, thanks to:

  • Better planning for all those involved;
  • Less congestion and waiting time for drivers;
  • Smoother running and enhanced productivity.

Photo credit: Kendall Henderson on Unsplash