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We facilitate global trade across four continents

Today, SOGET has equipped more than 50 logistics terminals (maritime and river ports, airports, border posts and internal logistics platforms) in eight countries across four continents. More than 25,000 people use our software solutions every day.

Discover our different experiences in facilitating world trade.

Our Locations Worldwide

Metropolitan France, Seine corridor

S)ONE Port Community System

Clients: Port communities in the HAROPA area
Operators: SOGET (Le Havre), ASPIC (Rouen), ASL (Paris), UPC (Caen)
15 ports: Le Havre, Rouen, Paris, Gennevilliers, Honfleur, Bonneuil-sur-Marne, Évry, Le Trait, Limay, Port-Jérôme Radicatel, Saint-Wandrille, Bruyères-sur-Oise, Longueil-Sainte-Marie, Fécamp, Caen

Key figures:

  • 4 consecutive generations of system
  • 2.9 million TEU
  • 60 million metric tons of bulk cargo
  • 8,000 users

Metropolitan France, non-Seine corridor​

AP+ Port Community System

Clients: French port communities
Operators: AGIF+ (Nantes), FMPC (Calais), UMLR (La Rochelle)
5 ports : Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, Calais, La Rochelle, Tonnay-Charente, Rochefort

Key figures:


  • Import: 22.5 million metric tons
  • Export: 8.2 million metric tons


  • Bulk: 45.6 million metric tons
  • Passengers: 9 million

La Rochelle

  • Import: 5.4 million metric tons
  • Export: 4.4 million metric tons

France overseas countries and territories, Guadeloupe

AP+ Port Community System

Customer: Port and Airport Community of Guadeloupe
Operator: CEI.BA
3 ports : Pointe-à-Pitre, Basse-Terre, Jarry
1 airport: Jarry

Key figures:

  • 3.8 million metric tons
  •  223,800 TEU


AP+ Port Community System

Client: Mauritius Port and Airport Community
Operator: MaCCS
1 port: Port Louis
1 airport: Plaisance

Key figures:

  • Import: 6.8 million metric tons
  • Export: 1.3 million metric tons


AP+ Port Community System

Client: Indonesia Port Corporation (IPC)
Operator: ILCS
1 port: Tanjung Priok (Jakarta)

Key figures:

  • 57 million metric tons
  • 6.9 million TEU

Côte d’Ivoire

SOGET Port Operating System

Client: Autonomous Port of Abidjan
1 port: Abidjan

Key figures:

  • 24.2 million metric tons
  • 675,000 TEU


AP+ Port Community System

Client: Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce
Operator: SEGUCE Togo
1 port: Lomé
1 airport: Gnassingbé Eyadéma (Lomé Tokoin)
3 border posts: Sanvee Condji, Kodjoviakopé, Cinkassé

Key figures:

  • 22.1 million metric tons
  • 1.4 million TEU


AP+ Port Community System

Client: Ministry of Maritime Economy, Maritime Transport and Port Infrastructures of Benin
Operator: SEGUB
1 port: Cotonou
1 border post: Hilla Condji

Key figures:

  • Import: 8.7 million metric tons
  • Export: 1.3 million metric tons

Democratic Republic of the Congo

S)ONE Port Community System

Client: Ministry of Economy and Trade
Operator: SEGUCE RDC
5 ports: Kinshasa, Boma, Goma, Kisangani, Matadi
2 airports: Kinshasa, Lubumbashi
7 border posts: Mahagi, Kasandi, Goma, Kasumbalesa, Lubumbashi, Lufu, Kinshasa

Key figures:

  • Import: 5,200 million USD
  • Export: 8.8 billion USD


S)ONE Port Community System
SOGET Truck Appointment System

Client: Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ)
Operator: Port Authority of Jamaica
6 ports: Kingston, Montego Bay, Falmouth, St Ann’s Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio
2 airports: Kingston, Montego Bay

Key figures:

  • 30 million metric tons
  • 1.83 million TEU

Photo credits: Connor Jalbert on Unsplash