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The unprecedented acceleration in the development of digital tools has made constant monitoring essential. In order to structure its operational and technological research and prepare the next generations of PCS and related solutions, SOGET has put in place cutting-edge R&D activities, driven by a multi-disciplinary innovation team. The team draws not only on customer feedback, but also on collaboration with a whole network of technological partners, logistics professionals and research laboratories.

In order to perfect our existing tools and develop innovative, value-generating new solutions, work is focused primarily on data processing, block chains, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence, large-scale interconnection of information systems, environmental issues and cyber security.

We remain focused on the same goals for our customers: smoothing out and securing business processes in the logistics chain and global commerce, speeding up information flows to reduce processing times at each stage in goods transit, and ultimately enhance the productivity and profitability of each link in the chain.

Development 100% Made in France

Our solutions are developed 100% in-house. Our teams of architects, developers and system and network engineers responsible for developing SOGET solutions are based in France, in our offices in Le Havre, as are all our testing, support and deployment teams. That helps us keep control of our design work and produce tailored software for our customers, while remaining agile and independent. We control every stage of software production, from design through to delivery and maintenance.

A Microsoft Gold Partner since 2011

SOGET is a global partner of Microsoft in the logistics sector. This partnership has been important in the development of S)ONE, the next-generation PCS. We have had Gold Certified Partner status since 2011, acknowledging the high degree of skill and expertise SOGET has shown in producing software based on Microsoft technologies, and particularly cloud computing solutions using Microsoft Azure.

Our flagship solutions

Our systems are used in the main French ports, both on the mainland and in overseas countries and territories, as well as in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

More than 25,000 people use SOGET solutions worldwide on a daily basis. For each shipment, an average of 40 documents, authorizations and declarations and 200 pieces of data are exchanged between 25 different organizations. That means SOGET’s digital platform handles more than half a million data packets every day.

In order to simplify and enhance the daily work of its customers, SOGET offers various software solutions:

  • S)ONE and AP+, Port & Airport Community Systems tools for community performance;
  • Additional tools for performance-led management, with the Business Intelligence and S)ONE Green solutions;
  • The Truck Appointment System, handling appointments between carriers and terminals, to cut port congestion;
  • E-Gov solutions to take global trade facilitation further and speed up goods transit;
  • SOGET POS, our port operating system, which interfaces with the PCS to enable holistic, efficient management of ship calls;
    SOGET Customs, for online customs declarations.

Open, interconnected systems

SOGET’s added value lies in the EDI and API interfaces between our software and that of our customers.

Maintenance and cyber security

In order to guarantee the continuity of service and performance of our solutions, they are maintained, monitored and updated regularly by our technical teams who work daily to ensure the cyber security and efficiency of our technical infrastructure.

SOGET today, in figures:

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Supporting the management of change

In addition to software design and the creation of technical infrastructure including servers, telecommunications networks and cloud solutions, SOGET also has expertise in project management of community system implementation.

The implementation of a Port Community System is more than just the sum of its technical aspects. The most work actually lies in managing change, in both operational and regulatory spheres. SOGET has developed a deployment methodology, tried and tested worldwide to gradually put in place the solution that meets needs, at the right pace for its customers.

SOGET’s teams provide holistic support to members of the public-private communities for the deployment of the PCS, with a prior study of existing processes, work to rationalize them in liaison with representatives of the logistics community, organization of committees and commissions on the various issues and sectors of activity, and technical and operational training.

The teams help create a local actor responsible for operating the system and providing training and support for users.

A skills transfer is carried out towards the local actor’s staff in order to help them become autonomous. Once the PCS has been installed, SOGET guarantees Level 2 support and maintenance, as well as upgrades to future developments in the software.

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