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Earth Day 2024, take action for our planet!


On this day dedicated to the Earth, let’s remember that every action counts in preserving the diversity and beauty of our planet. Since 1970, Earth Day has been an opportunity for everyone to make an active contribution to protecting our environment.

At SOGET, our commitment goes beyond words. We take concrete action:

  • đź’š Reducing and offsetting carbon emissions: we rigorously calculate our emissions in order to reduce and offset them. Last year, for our 40th anniversary, we planted 300 meters of hedges in Normandy with the help of CARBOLOCAL LH.
  • đź’š Sustainable mobility: over 30% of our employees use eco-responsible modes of transport to get to work. And let’s not forget our little electric car decorated with our emblematic drakkar that criss-crosses Le Havre.
  • đź’š Supporting customers in their CSR approach: through our S)ONE Green service, we help our customers to calculate, control and moderate their environmental impact with turnkey CSR reports. 
  • 🌱 As a sign of our commitment to you, we offer you your first S)ONE Green report. Would you like to try it out? Contact us today, and let’s start our journey towards a more sustainable future.