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S)ONE Green: a major innovation for measuring and reducing GHG emissions in the transport sector

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The freight transport sector accounts for 3.1% of the world’s annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The logistics industry is at the heart of a transition towards a more sustainable model and economy. The need to accurately measure and reduce GHG emissions has become imperative.

Recent regulatory and fiscal developments, such as Decree 982 of July 2022 and the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) applicable from January 2024, not to mention the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), are forcing industry players to take significant steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

SOGET, in collaboration with TK’Blue, is responding to this new requirement with its S)ONE Green solution, which automatically and accurately calculates the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of transport operations.

This innovation comes at a crucial time, when the demand for detailed emissions reports from shippers, themselves constrained by regulations, is rising sharply.

Thanks to the direct integration of transport data from SOGET’s S)ONE Port Community System, S)ONE Green guarantees the automatic creation of customized GHG emissions reports, in full compliance with regulatory and international standards such as ISO 14 083 and the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC). TK’Blue, an expert in environmental calculations, uses data directly from the PCS to provide accurate reports ready for transmission to customers.

In response to the adoption of decree no. 2022-982 and the CSRD directive
which came into force on January 1, 2024,
S)ONE Green offers a robust solution for meeting the new
new GHG reporting requirements, particularly for scope 3.

S)ONE Green is positioned as a solution enabling companies to measure and reduce the carbon weight of their transport, now, and also to anticipate the 2027 MACF regulations. This 100% digital service is truly essential for companies seeking to establish a credible low-carbon transition plan.

S)ONE Green offers a much more precise approach to calculating and reducing carbon footprints. Rather than relying solely on lump-sum emissions figures derived from generic databases, like all current calculators on the market, the solution uses actual values specific to the vehicle/energy used – the primary values – for all modes of transport.

By eliminating tedious reporting work and data entry errors, S)ONE Green enables freight forwarders and shippers to comply with legal and fiscal requirements efficiently and with complete peace of mind.

Freight forwarders can choose to receive customized monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual reports on their GHG emissions. They will also soon be able to obtain reports for each of their customers (shippers).

“One of the key features of S)ONE Green is its ability to
to identify ships’ IMO identification numbers,
This makes it possible to select the least emissive transport options. Comparisons of emissions calculations for
have shown significant discrepancies between the results
results obtained by S)ONE Green and those derived from standard
standard calculation methods based on default values,
confirming the accuracy of the product’s approach
developed by SOGET and TK’Blue, based on primary data.
By combining the data collected and the methods
S)ONE Green’s calculation methods, up to -50% of GHG emissions
in GHG emissions for the same sea freight.
S)ONE Green, our competitive tool for measuring your GHG emissions, is now available.
Laurie Mazurier – Sales Manager – SOGET.

At the same time, to keep abreast of the demands of professionals, the joint SOGET and TK’Blue team actively participated in several key events during the first half of 2024, including SITL, Shipping Days and will be present at the multimodality event organized on May 28, 2024 by Logistique Seine Normandie.