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customs clearance
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SOGET Customs is a range of software solutions
to simplify and secure import and export customs formalities.

SOGET solutions: simple…

SOGET develops a range of customs solutions to simplify import and export customs formalities for businesses. These solutions are aimed at all organizations in global commerce responsible for managing submission of declarations to customs authorities.

These solutions are offered in SaaS mode, hosted on SOGET’s servers in France. They are available online around the clock and can handle all current electronic clearance procedures in France and many other EU Member States.

Our customs solutions integrate perfectly into all companies’ IT environments and architectures. Our EDI experts are able to design tailored, secure interfaces to connect any company’s information systems to customs authorities (all forms of message and data interchange protocols can be supported).

That means our solutions contribute to modernizing customs formalities, in a fluid, secure online environment.

Okiduty, SOGET latest customs solution, was developed in partnership with CustomsBridge. Okiduty’ mission is to offer a customs ecosystem with artificial intelligence to make declarants’ lives easier and help them make the right decisions.

The application has a compliance option to help choose the right nomenclature for the classification of the goods. Okiduty has been natively developed for Delta IE. These new teleprocedures will be accessible to everyone in Okiduty as soon as they are opened by the French customs: April 1st 2023 for Delta Import and January 1st 2024 for Delta Export.

For a smooth transition, we have designed the application to be retro compatible with Delta G.

…and secure

SOGET has been working closely with the French customs administration for nearly 40 years, facilitating companies’ import and export formalities, and our SOGET Customs solutions are certified by the administration.

As a trusted third party with certified EDI service provider status, SOGET is a crucial actor when it comes to customs software solutions. This position means customs operators (customs brokers, importers and exporters, forwarders, etc.) can be sure to work with solutions fully compliant with evolving customs regulations.

Exchange of data processed by SOGET communication platforms is totally secure, across networks, exchange protocols and application layers.

Since the introduction of the Import Control System regulations in 2009, SOGET has expanded its expertise in most EU Member States, earning the status of international trusted third party with regard to many European customs administrations.

Photo credits: Florent Arenas on Unsplash