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What is a Port Community System?

A Port Community System or PCS is an open, neutral digital platform that enables real time exchange of information between public and private organizations in logistics, port and airport chains, including transport organizers, air freight and shipping companies, logistics and customs warehouses, customs brokers, terminals, customs and administrative authorities responsible for foreign trade, safety and security bodies, port and airport authorities, and government departments.

It optimizes, automates and secures all processes linked to the transit of goods, centralizing logistics data and linking together all operators involved in port and airport transit chains.

S)ONE, the world’s
most advanced PCS

S)ONE is SOGET’s fourth-generation PCS. The platform was developed using the latest Microsoft technologies. SOGET has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for more than a decade. S)ONE is the fruit of more than 40 years of experience working with customers, research and development in support of global logistics communities, and facilitation of global commerce.

S)ONE incorporates innovative solutions suited to developments in regulations, practices and technologies, and addresses two main goals:

  • Reducing transit time for goods by simplifying and automating business processes;
  • Securing information in accordance with international standards.

This goes for all types of goods and means of transport, during import, export, transit and transshipment.

Its scope can include:

  • A terminal, port or airport, and the warehouses in neighboring logistics zones;
  • Several ports, terminals or logistics platforms on the same transport corridor, in the same region or country (coverage of points of entry, exit or transit of goods, including border posts, sea and river ports, airports, and logistics platforms in the hinterland).

S)ONE is currently operational at national level in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Jamaica; and along the Seine corridor between Paris, Rouen and Le Havre in France.

The S)ONE Port Community System in figures

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What does it do?

S)ONE is an opportunity to switch from paper-based to 100% digital systems, and to automate and digitize the administrative, logistics and commercial processes required for goods transit:

  • Announcements and declarations: manifests, booking, bill of lading, stuffing, stripping, empty container management, etc.;
  • Goods movements: entry, exit, loading, unloading, etc.;
  • Authorizations from port or airport authorities, government agencies, customs or private organizations, etc.;
  • Permits: import or export licenses, specific permits, etc.;
  • Tracking and tracing of goods in real time.

S)ONE is a modular platform offering many additional services to further optimize logistics chains, including S)ONE Green, Business Intelligence solutions, SOGET Customs and the SOGET TAS Truck Appointment System.

Above and beyond technological expertise, SOGET has essential capabilities to support communities in the successful deployment of their Port Community Systems: a tried and tested methodology for management of large-scale change.