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Star Wars Day 2024

On the occasion of the worldwide day dedicated to Star Wars fans, we went to meet Théophane: Production Technician at SOGET and President of the Star Wars Normandy Association.

Aude: Hi Théophane, and thanks for joining us today to celebrate Star Wars Day. First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Théophane: Hi, my name is Théophane, I’m 25 and I work as a Production Technician at SOGET. I monitor the systems on a daily basis, but outside of work, my great passion is Star Wars.

A: Perfect for May 4th! Can you tell us about your passion for Star Wars and how it evolved?

T: Of course. I’ve always loved Star Wars, ever since I was a child. This passion has grown with me and in 2019, a few friends and I created the Star Wars Normandy association. I’ve been president since January 2024.

A: What motivated you to found this association?

T: We wanted to create a space to share our passion and do something meaningful. The association allows us to get together, but above all, we help sick children. We visit hospitals in our region, cosplaying, to bring them a bit of joy and gifts that we obtain thanks to our partners.

A: What is your role as president of the association?

T: As president, I take care of the logistics for our events and visits, I manage the partnerships and of course, a bit of administration to keep everything in order.

A: What are your wishes for the future of the association?

T: I’d like us to reach out to more people and expand our community. We currently have around twenty members, and I hope to see that number grow.

A: Before we close, do you have a fun fact to share with our readers?

T: Absolutely! Our godmother is Dorothée Pousseo, who lent her voice to Kaydel Ko Connix in “The Last Jedi” and “Skywalker’s Ascension”. She’s also the French voice of Margot Robbie and thus of Barbie. And our godfather is comedian Quentin Ratieuville.

A: Théophane, where can we follow your adventures?

T: Our website was launched on May 4, so for more information and to join us, visit our site, as well as our Social networks under the name: Star Wars Normandy on Facebook and starwars.normandy on Instagram.

A: Thank you Théophane for this interview. Bonne continuation with Star Wars Normandy and may the Force be with you!