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S)ONE augmented
Business Intelligence:
data for strategy

Business Intelligence for decision-making

Business Intelligence offers multiple prospects to measure overall and operational logistics performance, thanks to the great wealth of data managed in the S)ONE Port Community System.

In addition to guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of this data, SOGET’s teams work with Microsoft to develop dashboards for analysis and decision-making, supplementing S)ONE’s native capabilities.

This allows the actors of global commerce to guide their companies, ports, airports and countries by performance.

SOGET Business Intelligence solutions support the strategic development of these actors, helping improve their position in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index and Doing Business rankings.

Business Intelligence SOGET in 2022

available indicators
journeys analyzed

Tools to guide the performance of your business

Be Green with S)ONE Green

The efficiency of the logistics chain is also measured by its environmental and social performance. In association with the global labelling agency TK’Blue, SOGET has developed the S)ONE Green module, which uses S)ONE data to generate customized GHG (Greenhouse Gas) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reports.

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My KPIs: performance-led management

Developed in collaboration with HAROPA–Port du Havre, My KPIs offers indicators for goods port transit, and is available via the S)ONE portal.

My KPIs is a tool to calculate and analyze the performance of port transit and logistics chains compared to community averages using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

What does it do?

My KPIs allows all users to access the community’s average performance indicators for imports and exports.

S)ONE users can access their own performance indicators and compare them with the wider average.

My KPIs provides:

  • Reliable, secure data, generated in real time by the port community and processed using Business Intelligence technologies, with data going back to 2014;
  • Calculation of community average performance and the individual performance of organizations;
  • Data broken down by goods type, such as dry, reefer and dangerous containers, and all pre- and post-shipment carriage modes, including road, rail and river;
  • Inclusion of administrative, commercial and logistics events: arrival or departure of ship, customs release, terminal exit permit, loading, unloading, etc.

S)ONE Board: everything you need to know at a glance

Accessible via the S)ONE logistics module, S)ONE Board offers users customized operational indicators in real time, in order to support monitoring of operations. For each project, indicators are available on cargo entry and exit, stuffing and transshipment.

An overview allows users to view the key indicators of their projects: number of documents, handling units, and empty or full containers, as well as the physical and administrative status of the goods.

S)ONE Market: my market share

S)ONE Market is currently in development. It will allow all S)ONE customers to view their market share in terms of traffic and/or market share, reporting the competition situation month by month.

S)ONE Market gives a geographical overview of market share and enables comparison with a port or airport community’s overall traffic over the current month or year and the previous year.

Eventually, each S)ONE customer will be able to sign up for their own datawarehouse service to customize their own queries and analysis.

Photo credits: Tima Miroshnichenko provenant de Pexels