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Discover our API platform, designed to transform and simplify the way your business interacts with the data and digital services offered by SOGET.

With So Get API, you can integrate crucial functionalities quickly and efficiently, while optimizing the performance of your applications.

Goods tracking and repository

Exchange data with our existing APIs:

  • Single-cargo tracking API: instant access to detailed information on each of your goods, and track the status of your shipments in real time at all S)ONE-covered ports.
  • Multi-cargo tracking API: identical to the single-cargo tracking API, this gives you the opportunity to perform mass tracking.
  • API single cargo tracking and repository: take advantage of our cargo tracking service, enhanced by a database of S)ONE repositories.

New APIs will soon be added to our platform.

Choose So Get API

  • Maximum flexibility: our APIs adapt to a variety of use cases, giving you the freedom to tailor services to your specific needs.
  • Easy integration: full documentation and code examples make integrating our API into your projects child’s play.
  • Enhanced security: we guarantee optimum protection for your data, thanks to proven security protocols.
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