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What is S)ONE Green?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has grown in importance in all fields. S)ONE Green offers an easy, comprehensive solution for logistics and transport operators to analyze and improve the quality of their services and their environmental and societal footprint.

S)ONE Green is a service that offers logistics operators personalized CSR and GHG (greenhouse gas) reports (for overall activity or per customer) generated from data already processed in S)ONE. It gives their data new value and provides a precise calculation of the various CSR and GHG indicators, using TK’Blue technologies and methods, in line with the CSN EN 16258 standard, certified by Bureau Veritas and approved by the Global Logistics Emissions Council and AFNOR.

Logistics activity accounts for
0  %
of global GHG emissions
The last kilometer is
0  M
metric tons of CO2 in Paris
The reduction objective is
0  M
metric tons of CO2 per year

How to calculate a CSR, CO2 or GHG report

Depending on the user’s request, S)ONE Green extracts shipment data from S)ONE. The data are processed and sent to the TK’Blue platform through a secure gateway. When it receives the data, the TK’Blue platform calculates GHG and pollutant emissions (CO2, SO2, particulates, NOx, etc.) for each shipment.

These calculations are based on:

  • The data of the end-to-end journey of the goods, and the various modes of transport—sea, air, river and road—used for each stage;
  • and the data provided by the companies certified in TK’Blue. The figures calculated are precise and in line with the reality of a shipment in terms of the goods’ journey and in terms of equipment used.

Using these calculations, S)ONE Green generates and sends personalized reports to each customer.

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Benefits for supply chain stakeholders

The publication of CSR, CO2 and GHG reports is now mandatory for transport companies with more than 49 employees, under European Directive 2014/95/EU which requires non-financial reporting. S)ONE Green helps logistics operators to fulfil regulatory requirements and provides solutions to industry stakeholders who want to reduce their impact on the environment and on the community.

The S)ONE Green reports enable freight forwarders and shippers to:

  • Promote their commitment and their customers’ commitment for environmentally friendly supply chain performance;
  • Reduce internal costs related to fulfilling regulatory CO2/GHG and CSR requirements;
  • Check the performance of transport choices and collaborate positively with transport providers;
  • Use reliable indicators to make the right decisions to set up an action plan for improvement and share common objectives with their customers.

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