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S)ONE PCS in Jamaica:
Truck Appointment System now fully operational

Truck Jamaica
©Rab Lawrence, Flickr

Thanks to the work of Jamaica PCS and SOGET teams, since September 2021, SOGET TAS (Truck Appointement System) is fully operational at the Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL) and Kingston Wharves Limited (KWL).

The PCS S)ONE’s Truck Appointement Module, SOGET TAS, now covers all import and export flows — i.e. full container gate-in and gate-out — as well as appointments for empty container gate-in and gate-out at all Jamaican port terminals, whether using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

In accordance with the requests of Jamaican logistics players who have been enthusiastic about the efficiency gains brought by SOGET TAS, the capacity management features have been refined.

Indeed, today, the Kingston terminals: Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited and Kingston Wharves Limited can configure different capacities for each time slot according to the four flows: full containers entering, full containers leaving, empty containers gate-in, empty containers gate-out, as well as setting up distinct cut-off times.

For their part, road hauliers can make their appointments at all the terminals through a single shared system.

With SOGET TAS, Jamaica, the leading transshipment hub in the Caribbean, now benefits from the world’s most advanced Truck Appointment System.