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SOGET and MGI create the GIE France PCS for logistics competitiveness

France PCS
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This joint initiative of the two leaders in logistics and port facilitation aims to respond to the government’s recommendations to forge a national organization to improve logistics fluidity and cybersecurity and to anticipate the implementation of the European single maritime window.

Bringing together the interests of public and private players in the French logistics sector, whatever the size, business or home port of their entities, the strengths of France PCS are based on

  • A business expertise acquired for more than 35 years in France and abroad,
  • Pragmatism and speed of implementation of new services,
  • A proven technological base from MGI and SOGET, modern and secure, interoperable with the information systems of port and customs authorities or logistics professionals,
  • The skills of more than 130 employees who are experts in digital logistics, in Le Havre and Marseille.

The mission of France PCS is to provide concrete and rapid solutions to make French logistics chains more fluid, by interconnecting public and private players even more, at the national level.

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