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Okiduty will soon be available on your screens

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Okiduty, the customs solution developed by SOGET and Customs Bridge, will gradually replace SOGET’s e-Customs solution with a new interface equipped with artificial intelligence.

Okiduty is more than a simple declaration tool, it is a whole e-customs ecosystem that helps customs declarants in making the best decisions.  

Your customs declarations in complete serenity.

  • Okiduty is a neutral exchange platform and a trusted third party, certified by the French customs.
  • A consistency check is performed with the PCS of SOGET, as well as the retrieval of certain data to avoid errors and double entries.
  • 100% of the electronic procedures are available and Okiduty adapts to changes in the EU Customs Code.

…enhanced with value-added services

  • Decision support is included to help you choose the right product nomenclature, enhanced by artificial intelligence.
  • The comparison of BTI and duties and taxes between countries allows you to compare costs around the world and choose the most advantageous route.
  • A customs tariff engine is included to stay on top of regulations.
  • The Tracing option is natively integrated, your declarations are automatically sent to customs, so you can prepare them in advance and Okiduty takes care of transmitting them when the goods are seen at the dock.

…everywhere and anytime

  • The Okiduty platform is accessible from your computer with a simple internet connection.
  • The solution is available 24h/24 and 7 days a week.
  • Part of Okiduty is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud for more security, reliability and adaptability.

A solution built with you

Since June 2022, 12 pilot companies have been testing the solution in preview, which allows the teams to take into account the users’ remarks and to propose a product as close as possible to you and your needs.

Who better than customs declarants to build their ideal customs tool?

Okiduty is compatible with the DGDDI’s ongoing renewal of customs information systems, and in line with the implementation of the European Union’s Customs Code.