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S)ONE adds the INGE ONE IoT module

Module IoT INGE ONE sur conteneur.
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SOGET takes a new step into hardware with its partner INGECOM.
The S)ONE PCS will soon offer the possibility of subscribing to an IoT option with the INGE ONE box, which provides permanent traceability and optimal resource management to guarantee maximum security.

A partner at the cutting edge of technology

Founded in Switzerland in 2005, INGECOM specializes in real-time flow control using RFID technologies. Equipped with cutting-edge wireless and low-power technology, INGECOM is suitable for all sites (land, air, sea, underground) to ensure goods tracking.

INGE ONE: real-time traceability

Real-time traceability for tracking containers, trucks and goods (position, status, alerts) is essential when certain notions are strategic, such as “just-in-time”, “fluidity of exchanges”, “safety” or “compliance”.

Real-time transport data is a very important parameter in commercial exchanges between logistics partners. Taking them into account is both beneficial for optimizing the management of human and material resources, and for guaranteeing fluidity of passage by reducing waiting time at a terminal or warehouse.

Combining technologies

SOGET’s partnership with INGECOM guarantees its customers optimal flow supervision, with no disruption to workloads. Documentary tracking is included in S)ONE via merchandise tracing, and can be combined with the INGE ONE box, further reducing uncertainty.

The plus over tracing and tracking included in S)ONE

The INGE ONE box will initially offer the possibility of collecting transport data such as the movement and opening of a container, in order to guarantee the conformity of delivery and the security of very high-value goods.

It secures logistical transport, informs and alerts in real time on critical data, route changes and damage, and guarantees the quantity and quality of goods over the entire route.

INGE ONE is an end-to-end freight route reporting tool.