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SOGET on a mission in Vietnam


Last week, Hervé Cornède and Julien Prével accompanied the delegation of the Mayor of Le Havre Edouard Philippe, on a visit to Vietnam.

Vietnam has been enjoying unprecedented economic development for several years, with record growth of over 8% in 2022, due among other things to an increase in exports. As a reminder, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement came into force on 01/08/2020 and is the most ambitious agreement ever signed in the ASEAN region. In 2021, the country had 44 seaports and more than 272 port terminals, with a total annual capacity of more than 550 million tonnes of goods and 25 million TEUs.

SOGET is part of the dynamic present in Le Havre of a strong cooperation with Vietnam, the city, its port, the university and private companies.


In Hanoi, first of all, meetings were held with members of the Vietnamese Government, as part of a Delegation chaired by Mr Edouard Philippe.

Da Nang

The second stop on the trip was Da Nang, a major port system in central Vietnam and a true Smart Port City.

On Wednesday 15 February, a SOGET – LOGI VIET – ASIATRANS Business Event was organised, providing an opportunity to present our latest Port Community System solution, S)ONE, to the Da Nang port community. This session was followed by rich exchanges with the Da Nang Port Authority, notably on the opportunity to install, in the first instance, the S)ONE PCS in the Port of Da Nang.

During this stage, the University of Le Havre and Da Nang University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the afternoon, to facilitate academic exchanges between our two cities.

This trip was an opportunity to strengthen SOGET’s base in Vietnam, in partnership with LOGI VIETFRANCE in Da Nang, where Vietnamese engineers are based and work in collaboration with Le Havre SOGET teams on the development of our software.

Ho Chi Minh City

The last part of the trip was dedicated to Ho Chi Minh City and the port of Saigon, a major hub in the Mekong Delta and an important transhipment port in the heart of ASEAN.

The delegation held in-depth discussions with Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP), VICT, CMA Terminals, CMA CGM and GEMALINK on port and logistics developments in Vietnam. SOGET has engaged in constructive dialogues on port, customs and logistics information systems.

SOGET would like to thank the city of Le Havre and its Mayor Mr. Edouard Philippe for the organisation of this trip.