SOGET migrates
to the Microsoft
Azure cloud


SOGET’s teams have just migrated the entire S)ONE France application platform, previously hosted on its own servers in Le Havre, to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

This is a major technical operation for the company, which involved months of preparation, and which takes SOGET and its customers into a new technological dimension, where application performance rhymes with cyber security.

SOGET has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2011. Since then, the applications developed by the publisher – and in particular the PCS S)ONE – have been developed on Microsoft technologies known for their agility, robustness and performance. The Microsoft Azure cloud is therefore the most suitable environment for installing SOGET software.

SOGET’s engineers were able to appreciate its benefits in terms of performance, security and agility via the implementation, as early as 2015 in Jamaica, of the first “100% cloud” PCS in the world. At the time, it was the local seismic and weather risks that led SOGET teams to this virtual hosting. […]

Today, this migration to Microsoft Azure data centers deployed on French territory will make SOGET’s customers more efficient, as Hervé Cornède, Chairman of SOGET’s Board of Directors, explains: “This migration allows us to optimize the use of technical, human and financial resources to refocus them on areas of greater added value for customers: no more need for a data center, nor hardware, nor virtualization. The BCP / DRP, administration, technical monitoring and cybersecurity of infrastructure are provided by Microsoft teams. Those of the application bricks, which are required for the proper operation of our business solutions, continue to be provided by our teams, who can therefore allocate more time to the continuous improvement of our PCS S)ONE and our customers’ business processes.” […]

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