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SOGET, a 15-year partnership with Africa

terminal à conteneurs à Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
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Today, 6 countries on the African continent are equipped with SOGET solutions and 24 logistics sites are covered, including ports, airports and border posts.

We are committed to making international trade more fluid and secure through the marketing of our software. This mission is also a strong commitment to the local communities. Each installation leads to important developments for the country and training of local teams. In total, 19,000 people have been trained over the past 15 years to make the best use of SOGET solutions.

A site-by-site review of these ambitious projects carried out with local operators.


In 2007, SOGET began working with the Port Louis port and airport community to set up and operate the AP+ Port Counter, the third generation of the Port Community System. MaCCS (Mauritus Cargo Community System) is the local operator created to support the country in its digital transition to optimize its logistics flows and maritime, air and road transport. This is a decisive challenge for this major regional hub in the Indian Ocean.


Since 2010, Bureau Veritas, the world leader in conformity assessment and certification services and a major player in trade facilitation services in Africa, and SOGET, the world leader in the Port Community System, have been working together to operate the AP+ Port Single Window in the port of Cotonou, with the local operator SEGUB. This project was initiated following an international consultation by the Beninese government. Since the implementation of this Single Port Window, the competitiveness of the port of Cotonou has increased: reduction of the passage time of goods, security and growth of the collection of state revenues.

The Beninese state took over full management of the Single Window in 2018.


In the same year, SOGET began working with the Gabonese Shippers’ Council – CGC – to provide digital solutions, serving as a booster for Gabon’s Foreign Trade performance.

Thus, BIETC, the Electronic Cargo Identification and Traceability Form, manages import/export goods declarations and allows for cargo traceability. This solution continues to evolve regularly in its functionalities, offering better ergonomics and security. SOGET supports the will of the Gabonese Presidency to bring the country into the modern world with the digitization and simplification of trade practices.

Republic of Togo

The creation of the Single Window was one of the structural reforms undertaken by the Republic of Togo to improve the competitiveness of its economy and enable it to make the most of its strategic geographical location.

The GUCE (Guichet Unique du Commerce Extérieur) was set up in 2013,

by SOGET and Bureau Veritas. The Port Community System AP+ serves as a single support for all procedures and formalities for the clearance and removal of goods at all points of entry and exit of the territory. The main challenges of this project were to increase the volume of goods transiting through Togo and to improve its position in international rankings. Today, we can see an improvement in the country’s attractiveness, a fluidity of operations and a strengthening of the productivity of the community’s actors.

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s single window for foreign trade is beating records for performance in Africa’s largest country. Installed in 2014, it covers 14 logistics sites, 10 pre-clearance hubs, 30 registered actors and more than 8,000 interconnected operators: one of the largest Single Window projects in terms of its geographic size, scope and format.

The platform dematerializes logistical, administrative and regulatory processes related to the import and export of goods in the DRC, integrates pre- and post-clearance modules for all modes of transport, and allows for invoicing by issuing a Single Expense Voucher.

At the cutting edge of technology, Congo uses the 4th generation of PCS developed by SOGET: S)ONE, which guarantees flawless cyber security, extensive coverage of traffic and logistics sites, and innovative and exclusive features. A real community of economic players has been created in the country, foreign trade has become more fluid and government revenues have been protected.

Ivory Coast

One of the major challenges for the Autonomous Port of Abidjan was to improve port services for ships. The implementation of a Port Operating System (POS) allows to connect all the operators involved in the call of ships and has increased the competitiveness of the country through, among other things, the automation and fluidity of port procedures.

The implementation of SOGET solutions has contributed to the improvement of national logistics performance for all these countries, as evidenced by many positive indicators.

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