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SEGUCE RDC visits Le Havre

SEGUCE RDC en visite au Havre
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Last week, SOGET SA had the honor of welcoming SEGUCE RDC to its Software Factory.

The meeting was spread over two intensive days, dedicated to technical workshops, the presentation of our latest advances, as well as the consolidation of our partnership, which began in 2015. To round off the visit, the SEGUCE RDC delegation and our staff shared a convivial moment during their excursion to Port 2000.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Yann Le Roux, Oumie Lindo, Freddy Tshintshiompo and Benjamin Héritier MBONGO for their visit to Le Havre, and more broadly, for the remarkable commitment of all SEGUCE DRC teams, who contribute significantly to the management of the Guichet Unique du Commerce Extérieur in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It’s worth noting that the Guichet Unique du Commerce Extérieur de la République Démocratique du Congo has performed remarkably well in Africa’s largest country. Established in 2014, it extends over a network comprising 14 logistics sites, 10 pre-clearance hubs, 30 registered players, and counts over 8,000 interconnected operators. This operation represents one of the most ambitious Guichet Unique projects in terms of geographical dimension, scope and structure. One of its objectives is to guarantee the security of government revenues, by issuing the Bordereau de Frais Unique (BFU). This platform for the dematerialization of logistical, administrative and regulatory processes relating to the import and export of goods in the Democratic Republic of Congo comprehensively integrates pre- and post-clearance modules for all modes of transport.

Last but not least, the Democratic Republic of Congo is at the cutting edge of technology, using the fourth-generation PCS developed by SOGET, called S)ONE. This intra-community platform is based on the latest Microsoft technologies, guaranteeing infallible cybersecurity, extensive coverage of flows and logistics sites, as well as innovative and exclusive functionalities.