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SOGET celebrates its 40th anniversary !

For 40 years, SOGET has been innovating at your side to offer you high-performance services combining mastery of business processes, technological excellence and proximity thanks to our 101 employees based in Le Havre.

Since ADEMAR, four generations of collaborative community platforms have been developed, enabling the instant exchange of information between private and public players in the port, airport and logistics chains.

Innovation is part of our DNA, and for four decades we have been providing your business with the latest technologies, and very soon an API platform for your information systems, the integration of Artificial Intelligence into our services, as well as the data protection provided by the use of Blockchain…

SOGET currently operates in 9 countries and equips more than 50 places, including ports, airports and border crossings.
Our latest PCS S)ONE is now operational countrywide in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Jamaica; and in France on the Seine Axis from Paris, Rouen to Le Havre and the Loire Axis.

In addition to the Software Factory, SOGET supports you in the implementation of our software, the training of your employees and ensures the sustainability of our solutions.

Lasting also means knowing how to surround yourself with others, looking for solutions together, working with partners, schools or laboratories and showing great agility.

40,000,000 thanks to all of you for being with us every day!