SOGET CM+, a new gen Warehouse Management System designed for Port and Airport traffics.

SOGET CM+ is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) dedicated to port and airport warehousing professionals.

Thanks to its high flexibility, the software is able to answer the specific needs of these professionals on a fluid way. Movements are advised, and blocking is avoided, what improves the productivity of the warehouse. The major innovation in SOGET CM+ relies on the fact that the application is tailored to port and airport specificities, as for example intermodal intermediate reloading, batch management, end-customer identification, non-recurrent flows or cross-docking…

For even more fluidity, SOGET CM+ is natively interfaced with SOGET Port Community System. It means avoiding multiple manual data entries, improving reliability of data and saving time.

SOGET CM+ is developed on latest Microsoft technologies. Available in SAAS, the software doesn't request any installation. Hosting and updating are handled by SOGET teams. Data security and confidentiality are ensured.

Key features

  • Sea and air-port cargo flows adapted,
  • Sophisticated batch management below Customs batch,
  • Distinction between warehouse's third parties involved.


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