New: ETA Predict
calculates the arrival date of your goods

Photo : Donald WU / Unsplash

Thanks to artificial intelligence and data-driven algorithms, our new predictive ETA solution developed with the start-up SINAY helps reduce uncertainty and allows operators to anticipate their transport and logistics operations.

Using a container number, a commodity identifier or a ship reference, ETA Predict provides a prediction of ETA and display a date range for the arrival of the goods. The predicted ETA is calculated using data from the Port Community System S)ONE and advanced machine learning algorithms from SINAY.

Thanks to AI *, a large amount of historical and real-time data is analyzed, making the prediction more accurate than with AIS ** data alone, for example. The predicted ETA is calculated throughout the journey to account for transport contingencies as accurately as possible. Also, users can re-run their search to refine the results as the ship’s ETA evolves as the ship gets closer to its destination. 

This info enable better planning and organization of resources, thus ETA Predict contributes to reducing port congestion and environmental impact related to maritime and port operations. Flow optimization also generates savings. For example: thanks to better management of routes, fuel consumption is consequently reduced.

ETA Predict will help answer the question ” When will my goods arrive? ” and is now available in SOGET solutions for a testing period in order to gather feedback from S)ONE France users and to further improve the logistics and environmental aspects of the tool to meet their needs.

ETA Predict is an evolutive tool that will gradually integrate new functionalities such as the addition of new ports to further increase the traceability of goods or new data used, for example, to anticipate port congestion. 

Trial is free of charge from the S)ONE portal, from S)ONE Tracks or from the SOGET Customer Portal: all you have to do is to indicate your profession and then enter a cargo reference or a ship identifier to trigger the calculation of info.

*    IA :  Artificial Intelligence
** AIS : Automatic Information System