Guadeloupe Port Community System

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  • To set up an efficient community system in order to monitor the cargo entering and leaving the port area
  • To become the main logistics hub of the Caribbean due to the fluidity of cargo transshipment through Guadeloupe
  • To respond to the new trend of international trade in terms of safety-security and raise in global freight volumes exchanged
  • To also automate procedures in the air transit of goods


  • Implementation of the Caribbean’s very first Port Community System [ADEMAR +] in 2002, and the 3rd generation, AP+ in 2008
  • Establishment of PCS local operator CEIBA (Computerized Information Exchange Center Branch Antilles) to operate the system and ensure user support
  • Skills transfer from SOGET to CEIBA team and change management support
  • Development of specific features such as air cargo procedures or transportation order tool


  • Improves economic and commercial productivity of the Caribbean islands through the exchange of data allowed by the Port Community System
  • Increases the ability to respond to threats and opportunities highlighted by globalization
  • Complies with new international standards

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