Le Havre Port Community System

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  • To accelerate the information flow to improve the fluidity of business activities and enable the port community to gain competitive advantages
  • To facilitate the city and port cohabitation for safety-security issues related to the movement of freight and staff
  • To further streamline Customs clearance processes


  • Creation of SOGET in 1983 to operate the first generation of Port Community System in Le Havre
  • End-users staff training and stakeholder help desk
  • Continual improvement of the system in cooperation with stakeholders of the port community
  • Development and implementation of the next generation of Port Community System in 2015 within the framework of the e-Maritime project


  • Accelerates procedures
  • Simplifies and anticipates of customs clearance
  • Increases the productivity of supply chain stakeholders
  • Satisfies the new regulations and identifies trends for maritime traffic

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