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The WMS dedicated to port and airport warehouses

What is CM+?

SOGET CM+ is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed for the needs of port and airport warehouses.

CM+ WMS in 2020 represents

sq.m of warehouses managed
metric tons of goods processed
movements logged

Features of CM+

  • CM+ is natively interfaced with the S)ONE PCS and can be interfaced with other programs (accounting, TMS, etc.) to avoid repeated data entry and enhance data reliability;
  • CM+ is based on the latest Microsoft technologies and is available on Azure cloud in SaaS mode, with hosting, maintenance and cyber security provided by SOGET;
  • CM+ complies with national regulations, with real time access to goods accounting and full traceability of physical and administrative movements.

What does CM+ do?

  • Customs batch management with detailed categorization (by size, color, material, etc.), distinction per warehouse third party (freight forwarders, customers, carriers, depositors).
  • Swift itemization and retrieval, more flexible procedures, possibility of temporary storage.
  • Synthesis of customizable anomalies, analysis of intermodal breakbulk cargo, volatile flow management.
  • Possibility of granting warehouse customers access to check the status of their stocks, declare goods or perform release requests.

Photo credits: Hannes Egler on Unsplash